This is the Metal Knights Art Workshop. You'll find hot graphics, sounds and music done for future versions of the game by various artists!


Metal Knights is a popular game: the game itself is free to all and is developed by game fans all over the world! It's continuous evolution makes it very special and interesting! A lot of people are giving their time and ideas to make it always better and better. Each new release includes features suggested by you, the players as well as new graphics, music and sound effects. These pages are where we meet to share our ideas and files.
Want to be in our team? Simple, drop us a line!


Metal Knights allows customizations! In fact, the field, the units as well as the name of the units and cities can be changed very easily (see the Game; Options menu) to create a game with a whole new look! There are currently five graphic sets (Standard, Hostile, Deruvian, Wargame and Old Fashioned. Players already suggested a Medieval, a Fantasy and a Civil War set! You can also edit the UnitNames.Txt and CityNames.Txt. The new sets will be added here as soon as they're started so that anyone can continue the work until full completion.


Mario Lefebvre
aka Mario/WhiteCrow
Team Leader. Ground and Unit Tiles, Cities Screens, sound FX
Francois St-Pierre
aka Pou
Forest and Unit Tiles
Aemon Cannon
"You Lose" and Sword Intro pic
Kasey Crittendon
aka Zephyr
Resource Pics
David Rousseau
aka Rousseau
Shield Intro pic
Matt Satorius
aka Sator
MIDI music
Tor Persson
Ground and Units Tiles
Goran Radovic
aka Deruvian
Deruvian.Set + Units, some tiles ported in Standard.Set
Matthew Dugger
aka MDugger
MIDI music
Derek Hall
aka Unique
Hostile.Set + a bunch of great suggestions
Eoin Connolly
aka Eradicatorr
Wargame.Set, Title Screen and HOF picture + a bunch of great suggestions
Michael Barbieri
aka Basher
Live battle sounds