If you have a general question or suggestion, then it should be of interest to others! I'll ask you to post it on the Metal Facebook Page! Or maybe your question is already answered in the FAQ?

For anything else, email me!

Bien sur, on peut aussi m'écrire en français!

I receive a lot of mail. Therefore, please understand that it may takes a day or two before I can reply and I usually do with a short answer. I read and try to reply to all emails I receive and I really appreciate your feedback!

I'm also most grateful to all the folks helping us to make this game such a great game. For their suggestions and for answering questions on the Metal Board! They are, in no particular order: Pou, Wef, Kayla, SuperClaus, SuperCosmo, Alabaster, Euphor, NightWolf, Leadman, Goof, Achwell, Panther, FoAm, Sir JJ, Theodock, Adolph, Brujah, Taleisin, Jimoc, Hernick, ROOK, KickAss, Sarg, Phaedrus, TaskMaster, Rimfire, Momship, Holo, Hivey, Mortal, Gungho and many others...

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