Ground Units

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NameAttack GroundAttack AirDefenseRangeSpeedCostUnit Description
Flag 001006Protect your territory, dropped by Bulldozer
Soldier 1021418Can conquer new cities and invade enemy bases, cities...
AlphaWarrior3031534An improved version of the Soldier
Bulldozer 1011525Used to build mines, woodmills, etc and also roads!
Truck 1011524Used to carry iron, wood, oil, gold to sold them in cities
Transport 1031933Used to move slower units (or ships to the ocean)
Porcupine 00100020Mine that explode if an enemy approach, good defense
Panther 3031840Motorized Soldier. Stronger and faster
M-31 4041543Small tank, good and cheap defense for cities
Elf 40511050Very fast small tank, not well armed but do a great job
Commando 20311088Can spy enemy cities. Cannot be seen even with a radar
Striker 6064057Long range cannon. (No counterattack possible!)
Tiger 8052767Small tank equiped only with powerful long range missiles
Grizzli 7271870Equiped with a strong cannon that can also reach planes
Patriot 601010089Used to defend a base or a city. Always counterattack!
Artillery 110351191Equiped with powerful long range missiles. Poor on defense
AirFreedom 012561090Rule the sky from the ground at a fair price
Scorpion 13211110104Average tank. May defend itself from air attacks
Scud 1501104116Very long range missiles. Very powerful weapon against cities
Metal Knight18413111135Supreme tank, biggest cannon. Also equiped with air missiles

Navy Units

Ground Units][Navy Units][Air Units]
NameAttack GroundAttack AirDefenseRangeSpeedCostUnit Description
Scout 40512050Fast scout ship. Useful for blocking enemy troops on a bridge
Cargo 00511860Allow you to move your units across the ocean. Quite fast
Destroyer 60711961Medium size warship. A bit stronger that the Scout
Shark 60811599Submarine, cannot be seen by players without a radar
Shooter 8310719108Warship with long range missiles to attack coasts
Captain 15413122124Very powerful warship, also have air missiles

Air Units

Ground Units][Navy Units][Air Units]
NameAttack GroundAttack AirDefenseRangeSpeedCostUnit Description
HawkEye 01016061Useful to attack coming Hercules before they land
Predator 533118132Very fast small aircraft for sneak attacks
Hercule 005114103Cargo plane, allow to move units faster or across ocean
Apache 856112150Helicopter equiped with short range missiles to blow up tanks
Eagle 14110112170Fighter, excellent for air-ground attacks
Falcon 1148114155Fighter, excellent for air-air attacks
Furtif 91210115186Stealth fighter, cannot be seen by others even with a radar!
Nuclear 99002501000Nuclear weapon, destroys all units within 4 squares radius!!