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Some Great Warriors I encountered on the field...

Here are some players that outplayed me! There should be much more good players out there, I'll add them here as soon as I have the chance to see them in action..!

Benj Benj is the very first Metal Knights... after me! ;) Thanks to him, I've not been the Champion very long. :) He was among the ones who helped to test game before the first beta release. Few of us know him since he retired soon after... With him, each turn becomes a surprise...!
Adolph Adolph soon became THE threat of the game! He always find a way to expand faster than his opponent. His pretty good in defense but he is mostly known for his kamikaze mega-strikes! The only hint I can give you is stay away from him! ;)
Sentinel Sentinel also have been the Metal Knight long enough. Heís a fine strategist, patient, and not as aggressive as Adolph (thus having a better average). And most impressive, he did most of the Hall of Fame climbing as an unregistered player!
Jimoc Jimmoc is a defense master! I used to think that all his defense spending was a terrible waste of money but he sure proved me wrong!
SuperClaus This guy is a rocket! Have you notice how fast he climbed the Hall of Fame?? His win average is in the best around! I still haven't discovered his trick yet... Way to go, SuperClaus!
SuperCosmo Not far behind SuperClaus comes SuperCosmo. You guessed it, they're friends and they're building the best strategies together... ;)
Who Itís amazing to see how Who manage to get out of every tricky situations! He can do wonders with virtually nothing, donít even try to beat him in close combat unless you have a neat advantage in population first!
ET Another awesome expansionist, ET isn't really aggressive with his neighbors but his defense system usually gives no chance of escape
RimFire When I played with him, I never had time to see what struct me. Call it efficient management or good tactics, RimFire was fighting everyone at the same time, strating with turn 2, and won..!
Rael (Looking forward to play with him) Just look at his stats..!