Metal Knights was (and still is!) built following the comments and suggestions you sent us via EMail and via the MK Board. Many features in the game right now had been on this list here not so long ago... :)

  • Jimoc's Turn queue
  • Chat !
  • Option to print the battlefield or save it so one could plan his moves off-line
  • Award special medal (winning streak, killed the MK, etc..)
  • Units' icons shown in the Base should follow the graphic sets
  • Name Alliances according to their score (Clan, Alliance, Empire, etc.)
  • Possibility to "spy" allied games
  • New resources: Oil in ocean, Gold in mountains
  • New terrain type: Swamp (move cost=3 for gound units, 2 for Navy; no roads)
  • Multi-level Radar
  • Buy a PowerPack (buy collection of some units at once)
  • Spanish or German version?

The Next Big Step: Metal Knights 2000 (aka MK2)

The next major release of Metal Knights will include
many of the above suggestions... and the following:

  • Completely rewritten from scratch
  • Isometric view (3D like)
  • Custom interface (getting rid of the Windows interface)
  • New units, weapons, strategies, etc!
  • Asynchronous socket
But the best part is:
  • Registered MK players will be registered for MK II too!