"At the end World War III, the superpowers were left decimated. Only a few survived the nuclear exchanges... Year 2012: You are the leader of a nation rising from the ashes of the world. Wrecked lands are now ready to be conquered. These lands, inhabited by starving people, contain the natural resources your empire will need. The people wait for a leader to take charge and put the economy back together.

It is up to you to move into the unruled lands before other armies, also looking for power, claim them for their own greedy empires!

To do so, all you have about $200. First you have to establish a base in a strategic location. Then you must train soldiers and send them to the field, to conquer cities and collect taxes. Use bulldozers to harvest the world's natural resources, and truck to transport iron, gold and wood to the cities where you can sell it for profit!

Adding to the challenge, you'll need to efficiently manage your cities in order to gain a military advantage over your opponents. Investing some money in science leads to more advanced units, which are crucial in winning the game. Good luck, mighty Metal Knight!"